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Workforce Management Solutions Tailored to Your Organization

Alcor Consulting Group LLC specializes in project-based consulting and staff augmentation services. Our customer-focused model can mobilize the right resources and technologies to help organizations improve their performance.

 As a trusted advisor with a proven ability to establish strong working relationships based on knowledge of customers’ requirements, we take time to fully understand every challenge, expectation and execute high-quality workforce solutions.

Categories of IT Services We Provide

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Program and Project Management

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Information Security

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Architecture and Application Development

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Digital Technology

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Cloud Computing

Creating a Diverse Workplace

Alcor Consulting Group LLC strongly believes that a diverse workplace offers a unique selection of talent and experiences needed to foster creativity and innovation. However, for a workplace to be diverse, the willingness to take others’ perspectives into account and embrace the traits that make people different must be present. Our solutions are oriented around this concept of creating a diverse workplace so we can support the growth of your organization to the utmost.

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